Memories of Easter past

Our whole lives have revolved around candy.  Candy at Christmas, candy at Valentines, candy at Easter, candy at Halloween.  The world revolves around chocolate and Peeps.  Easter used to be the only time you could get Peeps.  Then the people at Peeps Inc. decided that the world needed Peeps year round.  Now we get chocolate covered Peeps and chocolate bat shaped Peeps and and Easter bunny Peeps and Ghost Peeps.  Cadbury eggs were like that, as well.  You could only get them at Easter time.  Now the corporate powers decided that there was money to be made and addictions to feed, so now we can get Cadbury Eggs all the time.

Have you noticed that almost all chocolate tastes the same?  I think there is a conspiracy to ruin chocolate.   It might be my taste buds, but most chocolate seems less chocolate and more sweet.  I think that is why I have come to prefer the darker varieties of chocolate.  We used to prowl the grocery stores and that large big box mega-mart the day after Easter and Valentines day and Halloween for half price candy.  Bargains were had, candy was eaten, stomachs were sick. blood sugar soared, stomachs were sick.  We swore off candy forever.  Until the next big candy holiday.

Those days are over for me.  Since the dreaded “pre-diabetic” diagnosis, no more candy binges for me.  My blood sugar has started to get nearer those dreaded numbers, even two days this past week it was over the limit.  So, today, I’m not at Publix looking for candy bargains.  No more buying big bags of baby Cadbury eggs or 50 cent packages of Peeps or dozens of marshmallow eggs.  Life may not be worth living.  Okay that is hyperbole, but some days it feels like it.

I don’t think I realized, or maybe I did and was just in denial, how much I relished seasonal candy binges.  I think that Easter colored M&Ms taste better than all the other kinds.  Baby Snickers and such should be relegated to Halloween.  They have no place in the Easter candy Pantheon.  Easter candy should be Peeps and Chocolate Easter Bunny’s and Cadbury eggs (the old kind) and marshmallow eggs, maybe some good jelly beans and malted milk robin’s eggs.

I hope my life will be better and maybe longer without all that sugar, but I still feel like I’m missing out.  Why is living a life of moderation and eating healthy feel like I’m giving up so much stuff?  All that sweetener can’t possibly be good for me.  I mean, genetics probably plays a part in my sugar intolerance now, but how much is caused by me abusing my pancreas and liver all those years?  I still have my coffee to bring me comfort and beer and wine and hamburgers and pulled pork (without the sweet bbq sauce) and well lots of things.

Geeky weird note:  I bought some ink to refill my cartridges for my new printer.  You can’t refill them!  Well, you can, but there is a chip in them that tells the printer to ignore the cartridge after it prints a certain number of pages.  The chip burns up or turns off or some such thing.  So I bought some refillable cartridges, I’ll let you know how that works out.   Also, Amazon is amazing.  I ordered the cartridges on Friday, expecting them on Tuesday.  They came today (Sunday).  I didn’t even know that the USPS delivered on Sunday.  Ain’t it a great time to be alive?!

See y’all soon.

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