I wanna be a writer

Once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to be a writer.  He hoped and wished and used visualization techniques to be a writer.  He read a lot, he used every opportunity he had to speak in public.  He never became a writer because he never wrote anything.  He was afraid that he had nothing new or interesting to say.  He thought no one would read his work, so he just thought about writing.  Then one day he woke up and was “old”.  He regretted having never become a writer, so he changed his dream and became a blogger.  After a year or so of blogging, he finally realized that he had become a writer, because after all, blogging is writing.

That is my story, in a condensed form.  (I was gonna say the “Reader’s Digest” version, but wan’t sure how many would know what I was talking about.)  I don’t have to write a novel to be a writer.  I don’t have to have a Number 1 Best Seller to be a success.  (Though that would be nice, but who knows?)   I have just wanted to make a small difference in a small group of people’s lives. I want to make a sad person smile (a little).  I want to help a depressed person know they aren’t alone and that there is hope for them.  I wish to be a voice of reason in a world gone mad with fanatical and idealistic and just plain crazy talk.  I’m just a man who is tired of us hating on each other.

I come from a background where we denounced “SIN” more loudly that we demonstrated love.  It is easier to live by a set of rules that “we” have decided is “right” than it is to admit that “we” might be “wrong”.  To borrow from Forrest Gump, “That’s all I gotta say ’bout that.”

Laziness is it’s own reward.  I don’t know if I am the first to write or say that, but it is true.  The only problem with being lazy is that it is so easy to call lazy “quiet time” or “re-charging my batteries” or “meditating”.  Laziness is none of those things.  It is merely being content to have no ambition.  Some might think being lazy is like being “retired”.  I have tried retired, it is hard work.  I had to get a job twice to keep from going bonkers from being “retired”.  Now, I’m just being lazy.  I have no set schedule, no one to answer to except myself (and she who must be obeyed), no phones ringing, no “urgent” emails to answer and no income.  Lazy seems good until the savings start to run out.  Then panic sets in.

I have to go now and sell some houses, see y’all soon.

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