spring at last

Days like today remind of being a teenager.  The first real warm sunny weekend of spring, we would take off our shirts (the boys, I never saw girls doing this, except maybe my 6 year old sister) and get our first good base sunburn of the summer.  The theory was that you get a good sunburn in April and then you would just tan the rest of the year.  The misery we would go through those first few days.  Applications of cream or Noxzema or one friend told me they used vinegar and grocery bags.

One spring, I wore a tank top that first sunny April day.  I was beet red all the way from shoulders to hands.  My brother and I were going to play golf with our friends at a par 3 course.  The longest hole on the course was probably 95 yards.  We only ever carried a 9 iron and a putter, each of which was furnished if you didn’t have your own.  We were hackers of the best(worst) kind.  We hoped to get mostly 5’s and a few 6’s and maybe one 4 (we never ever got a par) so we could break 50 on the first 9.   Okay, there was only nine but we played it twice.

The most exciting play we ever had was when one of our group got a hole in one.  It was even on the hole we were playing.   We had all teed off and it was his turn to play.  He hit the worst tee shot I have ever seen.  He topped the ball and it went about 4 inches in the air.  It then bounced and rolled and took several crazy hops and hit the flag stick and went straight in the hole.  We laughed and cried and howled and couldn’t believe that the first hole in one went to him.

I played golf a lot after that, but I don’t know if it was ever as much fun as we 5 hackers digging divots and cutting balls and that hole in one.