life changes and my defection to the “dark side”

I’m sitting on my dock watching my wife cast for bait fish.  The day is one of those perfect North Florida days.  No clouds, no real wind to speak of, temp in the 70s, no work done, a cool beverage, a great beginning to the week.  Helps me clear my head for the week ahead.  I got a real health scare last week at my Doctor.  I was going back for my followup for my annual checkup and she told me I was all but full blown diabetic.  I don’t have Type 2, but real close.  Kinda scared the proverbial fecal matter out of me.  So now I am on a low carbohydrate … I don’t even want to say the word “diet”, but well…eating plan.  I never wanted a baked potato so badly until I was told I shouldn’t.  I want a chocolate pecan pie, but having to leave out the syrup and sugar kinda makes pie sound disgusting.

I know that my genetics have a part to play in my “pre-diabetes”, but I also know that all those years of drinking cokes and eating raspberry zingers and snacking on whatever junk my lack of discipline led me to bring home.  But it’s not all bad, I can still drink red wine and (ugh) light beer.  I have also learned that every type of sweetener has it’s advocates and detractors.  I’m feeling my way through this. It seems weird to eat lunch consisting of a tuna salad lettuce wrap.  I think I’m gonna miss sweet tea and rum and coke, but I don’t want to be a slave to pills and injections. If I can give up bread and pie and cake and potato chips and lick this, I’ll do it. I do feel lucky in one respect, my doc told me I could eat all the meat and eggs and fish and cheese I wanted–0 carbs.

I’m changing my computing platform from PC to Mac in the coming week.  Our old desktop is starting to act cranky and I can see the handwriting on the wall.  I have lost a sound card, the on-board sound card died years ago, the usb ports only work when the computing gods allow it, the keyboard randomly chooses to replace all the numbers with special symbols, you get the picture.  So I have ordered a MacBook Air to replace my Windows 8 laptop, which my wife is now going to use.  I have been wanting to switch for a while, but needed a reason: dying desktop = good reason.  I don’t know how many Mac users read this, but I’ll keep you all updated on my trials and tribulations and oh-my-I-wish-I-had-done-this-years-ago’s.

My foray into the iPad world is going okay, no real glitches except those of my own devising.  I am really good a breaking software while trying to make it do something for which it was never intended.   BTW, most of the “Word” like products on the Apple store are just readers.  I haven’t been able to find my favorite “free” office suite Open Office for iOS, maybe I haven’t looked hard enough or been willing to pay real money or maybe open source and Apple just don’t go together all that well or maybe I am just uninformed.  Wow my English teacher in college would be really impressed with that run-on sentence.

Look for more frequent updates now that I have decided what I want to be when I grow up.  From the time I was in high school, I wanted to be a writer.  I have tried very hard to avoid writing by working too much and watching TV and reading and working on this house.  I don’t have gainful employment. We only get whatever TV you can watch over the Internet.  I don’t miss cable all that much, although I do miss baseball some.  The house is winding down except for some finishing details, so I am taking an online real estate course and trying to carve out 4 hours each day to write and blog.  My goal is to finish my many times revised novel and submit some new piece for publication every week.  I hate the thought of it and yet I am somehow exhilarated that my loving partner has given me this gift.  I have arrived–I am a kept man!

This kept man has to go, I have sourdough bread to put in the oven. I’ll eat a piece for you (it is all whole wheat) and hope it doesn’t spike my blood sugar in the morning.