mad ramblings, iOS8 and the great iPad Air experiment

We went to the beach with the grand kids yesterday. That was an adventure. I built a sand castle with one and the youngest came along and played “giant” and knocked them down. They played and whined as kids do when it is past nap time. They threw things at each other and hugged and kissed and looked for shells and then threw them and dumped them back in the water and finally slept the sleep only little children know. They were here for a week and it rained every day but yesterday. It rained so much this weekend that the water in our canal was about an inch from the top of the seawall.

I thought I wanted to learn to kayak, but I got in one and decided that it isn’t for me. I bought a cheap sailboat instead. It is an old Sea Snark made of styrofoam and supposedly unsinkable (where have I heard that before?). The boat is a “fixer-upper” but it should last us until we decide we need a bigger sailboat. I discovered a new use for Gorilla Glue: fix up holes in your styrofoam boat. Take some styrofoam from any source and mix it with the Gorilla Glue and put it into the ding. Later you can just slice off the excess with a knife. The interesting yellowish tan isn’t aesthetically appealing, but it surely fills in voids and holds plugs in place.

I am not a power user of iOS by any means. I’m not looking for the latest, coolest stuff to do with my iPhone or iPad. I personally find iOS8 somewhat of a letdown. I mean, it didn’t WOW me. It loaded up and worked and mostly looked like iOS7 (to me at least). All that being said, it did load the first time and it works without me having to jump through a bunch of hoops, that is the kind of software upgrade I like.

My great iPad experiment is still going on. I have learned a few things since I last posted. Apps are not exactly like the full blown web site. There are things I can do on my Windows PC that the iOS apps make more tedious. I feel the same way about Android Apps, so don’t think I’m bashing Apple. I truly am very fond of my iPad. It gives me the ability to carry my computing with me wherever I go. I find it superior to the Android tablet I used to have. There are many things I do on the iPad that I find cumbersome on a PC. I use it way more than my laptop, but I’m not ready to cut the cord totally. I still find it easier to write on a PC keyboard. Some days I just want a mouse. Sometimes I just want the comfort of what is familiar.

I saw my first bald eagle yesterday. I was sitting on the boat and it just flew over us going out to the ocean. I’ve seen lots of pictures and videos on TV of them, but to see one a hundred feet away is something else entirely.

See y’all soon.