airport delay

Sitting in an airport terminal waiting for a delayed flight. This is one of those situations that make my skin go all creepy crawly. I don’t like crowds and noise and being around strangers and rainstorms when I fly. I’m sitting in a chair by the window with my headphones on listening to Jim Croce and writing this and trying to ignore the cacophony around me. One of my flightmates is traveling with his grandson, who won’t go to sleep. He finally got up and walked around with the child. When he finally nodded off (the boy, not the man) he was afraid to stop (the man, not the boy). I almost want someone to pick me up and carry me around until I fall asleep.

How did I ever cope before iPhones and laptops and Kindles? I am almost so stimulated that I am on the verge of becoming an extrovert. I almost envy people who can just carry on a conversation with perfect strangers. I have to force myself to speak up and then just drop back into my shell when the conversation lags. Small talk is a learned art, not an inherent one. Any extroverts reading this will wonder why it is so hard, but the “shy” ones of us will understand.

I am distracted by the young girl travelling with the grandfather. She is oblivious to all around her, laying on her brother’s blanket practicing her “yoga” moves. It hurts my back just to watch her.

I feel like Data in that one Star Trek episode where the Enterprise kept crashing into a Star Ship from the past where he was hearing all these overlapping conversations and trying to figure out which ones were important.

I’m not a patient waiter. I’m tired of the books loaded on my Kindle and sorta afraid that I’ll fall asleep if I try to read. I like watching the people though. I can see the flight crew for our plane standing around looking bored and wondering when we can go. One guy across the aisle is looking at two different phones. Grandbaby just woke up and started crying again. People of all shapes and sizes running and walking and waddling back and forth. A phone by the jetway keeps ringing and no one answers. We are all so different and yet the same, just trying to bide our time while we wait for a plane to take us home.

Thanks for being a part of my biding my time, maybe we can hangout again real soon.