the tyranny of work

I work too much.  This is supposed to be the time of my life when I devote great blocks of time to my writing.  I devote great blocks of time to my real estate and to TV and to this house and and a stolen hour here and there to write.  I rationalize that I’m giving quality time to write. I tell myself that I’m too tired to write.  I’m not too tired to read the latest Jesse Stone novel, but I’m too tired to write my own blogs or work on my book or clean off my desk.

I probably already told you all this, but I’m great at starting things, not so great at keeping them going or finishing them.  My EDD (Easily Distracted Disorder) is my excuse.  I need a drug that keeps me on task.  Coffee is one, but I find that I lose my mugs.  I have found coffee mugs all over the house.  Some with science experiments growing in them.  I found one in the microwave this week. Not sure how long that one had been there.  I remember putting it there to warm it back up, never got back to it.  I turned off the annoying beeper so I could use it without all those little sounds, but it is the sounds that remind me that I forgot something in the @#!%%& thing.  Please feel free to insert your favorite sentence enhancer for @#!%%& .

I’ve been in a funk all week.  My dear friend’s mother died.  My son-in-law’s uncle died.  My partner at work had her dog suddenly die.  I was looking for some tax stuff and ran across all the papers from my son’s estate. I just spilled cappuccino in my lap.  Even powerful anti-depressants don’t help when life piles on.

So, I’m having a clean up the clutter day.  Gonna finish the bedroom.  The clutter on my desk is gonna face the super-hero “Declutterman”, foe to all stacks of paper and un-opened mail.  Truth be told, I don’t know how much work will actually get done, but any plan is better than none.  I’m going to face my EDD head on and see who prevails.  Oh look, M*A*S*H is on Netflix, wonder how many of those I can watch in one sitting?  Just kidding, the laugh track is too annoying.

Updates on on-going techie things:

I have given up on finding a contact manager better than the Apple Contacts.  It is free and there is no learning curve because I already use it.

I put my iPad back in my indestructible case and gave up in the case with the keyboard.  It is too bulky and if I’m out I can just wait until I get home to use my Mac.  By the time you add the case and keyboard, it is heavier than my MacBook, so why bother, and the MacBook weighs less.

I’m still debating on which new iPhone to get.  I really like the size of my current iPhone 5, but it so dang hard to type on with these big fingers.  Do I really want the size of a 6plus?  Can I really function with an iPhone 6?  I did not realize how much I would use my phone as a REALTOR®.  How did anything get done before smartphones?

I think paperless is a moving target.  Even the proponents of a paperless office say that writing things down by hand helps you to remember.  I have been keeping paper notes and then putting them into Evernote.  I like paper.  I like the feel of something real in my hands.  I love the smell of ink in a paper book.  I love having 600 books on  my Kindle.  I admit it, I use a lot of paper.  I recycle most of it, so maybe that’s a wash.  If I ever find a good middle ground, I’ll let you know.

My coffee is cold and I have trim to cut and put up and paint.  See y’all soon.