the spy in all of us, Mac update and mousepads

I was a double agent. Yes, I admit it. I was the mole in another secret spy organization. I pretended to resign from my old spy group so I could join our adversaries and get intel for my real group. Then, I was discovered. Thankfully, I was not executed, just exiled back to the group to which I had pledged fealty. All that is true, just the context is missing. I was 12. We were all in the Sixth grade at Stonequarry Elementary School. We were the Bat Club. Each of us had one of those rubber bats (the mammal, not the baseball kind) that the rich kid made for us with his Vac-U-Form machine. This was the middle 60’s so Batman was on TV and we watched every episode with the dedication only 12 year olds can conjure up.

Don’t we all harbor some desire for an adventure? I get engrossed in the Dr. Who or Firefly or Star Trek or Farscape universes as a way to vicariously participate in an adventure in a universe that is just familiar enough, yet just strange enough to help us get that adrenaline rush that most of us lack. I was an IT guy for a long time. We didn’t have many adventures that didn’t include a computer. We had our moments of heart pounding panic, it all just took place at our desks. I don’t think that the difference between computer geeks and Star Trek or Star Wars or Lord of the Rings is a big stretch. As a man, I harbor fantasies of being Harry Tasker (True Lies), a supposed computer salesman who is in reality a super spy who saves the world from getting nuked in between tangoing with the bad girl and having dinner with the wife and kids.

That being said, after the last year, I’m kinda ready for a year of no adventure. We moved. We moved to a house that we were remodeling. One surprise after another. I long for quiet and no clutter and no mess and no zombie attacks or alien invasions or water pouring from the ceiling or city inspectors telling us to dig up the grass we just laid and put down a different variety of grass.

A techie, geeky update.

I have finally made peace with my Mac. I now find having to do something on a Windows PC to be frustrating. Not saying that my Mac can’t be just as frustrating, that is just the learning curve. I am very satisfied with the relative ease that it insinuated itself into my life. I still get confused about which way to scroll and want to use the built in touch screen (doesn’t have one, by the way), oh wait that is my iPad. I got one of those cases for my iPad that has a bluetooth keyboard built in. That is really great for taking notes when you don’t want to lug the Macbook and all it’s cables to a class or a meeting or a house showing.

I am having mouse pad withdrawal. I think that you really don’t need mousepads anymore, I just like them, mostly cause in my mind you need them, except you don’t. Except on my home office desk. I have a plexiglass cover on my desk and the laser won’t read the mouse movements. I have lost or thrown away or spilled wine or coffee or beer on all the rest. You can’t get those liquids off a mouse pad. I’m down to a free one I got at a motorcycle shop and it is about shot. So my next crafty project is to make my own mousepads. Anything I make has got to be less expensive than the $5+ most stores want for a mousepad with kitties on it. My dog would be appalled.

Thanks for all the comments you leave. I try to answer those who have questions, but I’m a lot busier now with my “real” job and don’t reply to everyone. That doesn’t mean I don’t read them, I just don’t say Thanks all the time. Thanks. Catch y’all later.