why haven’t you written!

There are things, gremlins I think, that make a part-time writer’s life miserable.  They are not time-wasters so much as time “eaters”.  I have broken the most sacred of all writer’s “rules”.  I failed to schedule time to write and stick to it.  I let work and chores and life get in the way and now it has been weeks since I wrote anything.  The abyss reached out and sucked me in.

I haven’t decided if I’m a Realtor® who writes or a writer who sells Real Estate.  Which obsession fuels the other?  Or maybe I’m a mess who writes to try to stay sane, a little.  What “artist” isn’t a little messed up, though?  At least I haven’t cut off my ear to prove my love to my beloved.  (Van Gogh for those one or two who didn’t get the reference).

I’m the kind of writer who reads way too many books and does’t write enough of my own.  I read books and see the end way before I’m supposed to.  I see the “big twist” far too early and know how my favorite writers are going to bring some excitement into the same old plot. I want to be surprised, just once can Dirk Pitt NOT get kidnapped and held prisoner?  I think authors fall into the trap of writing what they think their audiences want and forget about being a well of creativity.

Enough whining, already!  This has been the most amazing month for weather here.  I know the Upper 47 have been seeing some really crazy weather, but here in the southernest One, it has been amazing.  It does get a little humid, but I will take humid for the really nice clear sky and those amazing clouds.

I have almost tamed the paper monster of my Real Estate Empire (okay maybe that is bit much).  I keep my handwritten notes in one and only one notebook.  I move them over to some electronic media and then it gets moved to the back of the book, never to be seen again.  Hope it lasts.

I thought my new iPhone was dead.  It wouldn’t boot up for hours, just stuck on that “apple” screen.  Finally it came up, to my great relief.  How can I survive without a smartphone?  I cannot imagine getting anything done without one.  I love my Mac and my iPad, but they just aren’t the same as a phone.

One final note:  My blood sugar was way high this afternoon and I looked up ways to bring it down real fast and one web site said to drink a glass of red wine, and it worked!  I can’t have dessert but I can have fat and salt and red wine!

See y’all soon.