I swore that I’d never buy another house that needed work.  Life makes liars of us all, doesn’t it.  What started out as a “simple” kitchen refresh has turned into new floors, new appliances, pulling out old cedar siding (inside the house) and painting every room in the house.  I’m worn out.  I have little time or energy for anything, hence the long time between blogs.

I’m tired of change.  I personally like everything to be smooth and consistent.  I didn’t like the new Darren on “Bewitched”.  I hated the new music on “Ironside”.  I didn’t like the New Coke.  I think that “Twinkies” tasted better in 1968.  I’m not so sure about the second Dumbledore, but he did a creditable job.

I have discovered some ugly things about myself the last 6 weeks.  I get cranky when I’m tired.  I get mean when my Internet connection is erratic.  I like my “stuff” way more than I should.  We tore out some cedar siding in our Florida room and it nearly killed me to throw it in the big dumpster.  I have at least 20 notebooks/journals that I don’t use, but I can’t get rid of any of them.  I have so much office supplies piled up, but can’t throw them out.  I don’t understand how we accumulated so much.  I think my accumulated junk is having sex with my important-stored-in-boxes stuff and producing little baby knick-knacks.

Remodeling a house is really painful.  Remodeling your life is worse.  I’ll keep you updated on the life remodel as it progresses.


I am having issues with my Facebook-Wordpress link so if you follow me on Facebook, you may not be getting all my posts.  This is kinda like sending an email notice that “email is down” isn’t it.  At any rate, tell your friends and family about me, they might enjoy a good laugh at my expense.  Lord knows we all need a chuckle now and then.