moving and clothes

Sorry for the lack of posts, moving has wreaked havoc on my energy level. Every time we move, I swear it is my last time. I am delusional, I know. This is the longest we have ever lived in the same house since we got married. I guess some part of me has the wanderlust, but I hope it has lusted itself out and will let me be for a long while.

 I don’t like change very much, well except for new cars. I would wear the same clothes all the time but for my wife who tries to instill some fashion sense into me. When we first married, I had a favorite pair of Converse. I had splurged and bought the All Stars, the best they made back then. I loved those shoes and wore them everywhere, all the time (except for church where that was frowned on in those years). They were just getting broken in really good and she who must be obeyed told to get rid of them. The soles were only flapping in one place (by that I mean that it was still attached in the back by a one inch piece of glue).

 I think that our partners save most men from grievous fashion faux pas. That is about the extent of my French. I think that having someone else around to edit our behavior is good for us all. Aside from the “does this make my butt look big” unanswerable fashion questions, most of us benefit from having a second opinion on our clothing choices. Why don’t clothing makers put color codes on shirts and pants, you know like they do for kid’s clothes. How much easier would it be to buy and choose an ensemble in the morning? I have stood in the closet looking over my choices and then my fashion consultant gives me the “you gonna wear that out in public?” look and I go back and decide to take a shower so I can ask her to get me some clothes to wear.

 After we get settled in Florida, I’m going to get rid of all my current clothes and buy 10 Hawaiian shirts and 10 sets of khaki shorts and with my 2 sets of Chaco’s, I’ll be set for life. See y’all in paradise.