end of year ramblings

CAUTION: some parts of this post may not be suitable for children, I mean age-wise, not emotionally.

Hey y’all. I’m way under the weather and don’t feel much like coming up with anything original, my brain is too foggy. Please excuse posting a day late and anything that makes no sense, although a lot of what I write makes no sense. I’m going to reply to some new questions that I got in the comments so be prepared to be wowed at my lack of knowledge about blogging.

How do get centered and push aside distractions.

I just let the distractions come. I have been inspired to write a couple of my posts because I got distracted. To get centered, I just take a few deep breaths and let my fingers start dancing on the Keyboards. When I was a religious zealot, all the “prayer” teachings I ever got were along the line of keep a tablet and write down your distractions. That act of writing them down always caused my brain to get into an endless loop of writing down, and never praying. Now, I try to meditate to center myself, you examine each thought as it comes, say an inward “that’s interesting” and let it go. I did not intend to put in a reference to that insidious song from that movie about the ice queen. Also, does anyone else think that Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah” has become the “Let it Go: of pop music? But I digress. And you see how I write. I start on one thing and end going around the moon to get to Jacksonville. I overcome “writer’s block” by remembering a quotation by Terry Pratchett: “There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people in California who couldn’t write.” I try to draw on personal experiences and places where the inner me has grown up (some). I let the inner 10 year old out to play once in while and he has better insights than me most of the time.

Blog platform and themes.

I use WordPress.com and their free themes on The Purposeful Geek. I may change the design in the future, but no plans to do so now. Although I did change the layout to only show the most recent post on the main landing page, I think.

Guest posting and Blogging.

I am open to any new opportunities to write and put myself out there. I wish to thank those of you (Ray, you know who you are) for reposting my blog posts. I am humbled at the thought that any or all you like my writing enough to repost it. I’m not much into commenting unless some post really either gets my goat or gives some comfort to my wounded soul.

I do have a FAQ page and a “Contact Me” page on the front of the blog in the main title bar.

I hope I’m better soon and hope I don’t give my Mac a virus.

(That is what passes for nerdy IT humor, if you don’t get some wise-ass will tell you. Not me, some other wise-ass.)

Like there are only 10 kind of people who get this.

(10 in binary is “2”)

Oh, goddess, I’m sicker than I thought. Bye y’all.