Country living, TV and a wandering mind

I grew up in a, well for lack of a better word, rural setting.  I probably have developed a selective memory about certain places we lived, but at my age, that is allowed.  One of my favorite places we lived was in this big old two story farmhouse in Ohio.  We had no neighbors that were visible to us.  We had farm fields on two sides, a giant tract of vacant land on the other two sides, and limitless opportunities to explore.  There was a big red barn (we weren’t supposed to go in it, but we did) next to which were parked some old horse drawn farm equipment.  I don’t know what half of them were, but to three elementary school boys they were tanks and airplanes and bulldozers and spaceships.  We didn’t need video games, we were our own video games before video games were invented.

When I was in Junior High School (middle school) we moved back to the mountains of East Kentucky, quite the shock for someone used to being in the “country” but still able to get a pizza.  I soon learned that the hills could be quite the substitute for pizza.  Okay, once in a while I did want a pizzeria pizza.  I didn’t have pizza, but I had “hunting”.  I would go “hunting” whenever I got up in time.  I have never been an early riser by nature so getting up early to go “hunting” was not in my nature.  I never “got” anything, except time alone.  I would walk along the old logging roads for hours just me and my thoughts.  Being alone with one’s thoughts can sometimes be a scary thing.  I have found myself thinking about how they go pee in the space station when I started out wondering if the snake I saw in the river was poisonous.

One of the particular joys of country living is lightning bugs.  I have already seen some lightning bugs this Spring.  They have always been a favorite bug of mine, if one can have a favorite bug.  Unless they get on you, they bite.  (They don’t bite, it seems.  I must have confused Ladybugs with fireflies.  Childhood memories and all that.) They seem to be less abundant than I remember as a kid, but like I said before I have a selective memory.  AND a wandering/wondering mind.

We lived most of my pre-college days in big outdoor spaces, but small interior spaces.  Most of the time I shared a bedroom with two of my brothers.  I laugh when I see these house hunter shows on TV where each child needs their own room and a “teen space” or “play room”.  If we wanted a play room, we just went outside.  Bedrooms were for sleeping.  Kitchen tables were for homework (when I did any).  Sometimes I would sit in a chair and do my English essays while watching Bonanza or Gunsmoke or the original Hawaii Five-0.  We all sat around a common TV and watched what Mom and Dad watched.  We got two channels, three when the weather was right and we got Public TV.  When we changed channels, one us had to go outside and move the antenna to point to the correct station.  Later on, we got two antenna’s (or is it antennae) and just moved the antenna wire on the back of the TV.  Except during the day the TV was always on Mom’s “shows”.

I get distracted by my own thoughts.  It is so hard to stay in the moment.  I try to not rush into the day’s business so much anymore.  I sit on the back porch porch in the morning and have my coffee most days.  It is really funny though, I have my coffee, my iPad, my iPhone, sometimes my Kindle, all to ease into the day.  I try to just sit and “be”, but I find myself wondering about the best kayak life vest so off to the internet I go only to find myself an hour later wondering how I got to Goodreads searching for my next obsessive book series to read.

There goes the little paddle wheeler up the river, time for me to pack it in.  See y’all later.