sawdust and iOS

Finally this week, most of our construction inside is done! The cabinets are all installed and the new appliances are here. Do you really know how much a blessing an ice maker really is?!?! Or even a refrigerator shelf that doesn’t bend under the weight of a half gallon of milk? We have windows that open AND close and that you can see through. Our roof keeps water out and the new skylight is actually see through (well with the old one, you could tell the difference between day and night). When the whole thing is finished, I’ll post a before and after.

The dog is begging me to play with him. We just got back from from a fun, fun time of catch in the yard and now he wants to play ‘catch in the Florida room’. He is insane. I think I may be as well, cause I’m playing it with him. How much fun is it to run 5 feet to fetch the ball? Any doggies who read this, please respond, mine won’t. Although I am throwing it just to see him slide on the floor.

The water has been very high in our canal this week. Either the ocean level is really raising (thanks Al Gore) or the offshore wind from the Tropical Storm is really pushing a lot of water this way. Nature is incredible! To think that a storm hundreds of miles away can affect the water in my canal is just astounding. We think we are so smart (as humans I mean) yet even a storm way out to sea can cause effects that we can see at home, safely inland.

As to my iPad experiment: I want so badly sometimes to run off to my PC, just because it is comfortable. You take for granted–mostly because everything is already setup–how easy it is to print or import a picture or something. Now, don’t go telling me how easy it is to do it on a Mac, an iPad isn’t a Mac. I am just antsy with the learning curve. I have had an iPhone for a while, but I have never used my iPhone like I have used this.

I am ready to ditch my Nook though. There are some amazing similarities between Android and iOS, not in the look and feel so much as the easy way to get an app on Apple Store that works mostly the same as an an Android app from Google Play. I give a hearty salute to the developers who write the code for these apps. The biggest tool for making writing easier is a BlueTooth keyboard. I am re-using the Logitech keyboard I got for my Nook and have found it pretty good. It isn’t a full-sized keyboard, but who wants to lug around a big ole IBM keyboard?

I’m going to dedicate my old PC, after this trial of mine, as a “just do finances” workstation. I have a terabyte HD on it and I will use it some to store the files I don’t want cluttering up my ‘free’ online storage offerings. I am going to figure out this week how to get my book in “Pages” format, it may even open up just magically as I haven’t tried yet. While we were off in the mountains this past weekend I was helping my wife do something on her netbook and kept trying to get where I wanted by touching the screen. I got frustrated once until she told me “this isn’t a touch screen you know”. I had to use the touchpad, how quaint.

One bit of non Apple hardware I may keep is my Kindle Paperwhite. The Kindle app on iOS is good, but the iPad Air is just a tad big to read on. On my “bad eye” days, I can use the large print and it is great, but mostly you just want something, you know, book sized on which to read a book.

Over all, I give my experiment with using an iPad exclusively a positive rating. We will see as time progresses, but part of me can see the death of the laptop, at least for the non-IT non-corporate types.

As my wife reminded me yesterday at dinner, when I was obviously elsewhere, that I wasn’t living in the moment. I was back home with the unfinished stuff instead of enjoying my meal and the water and the company and being a part of “now”.

See ya later, “now” I gotta go hang a microwave.