my advice to recent graduates

We went to a graduation party yesterday for my business partner’s daughter.  The daughter got lots of cards and presents and we ate and talked and went home.  The young woman is going off to college soon and all those great wishes and feeling the center of attention will be … gone like a puff of smoke.  Today she is so stoked, by October she will be wallowing in papers and books she hasn’t read and wishing Mom was there to cook and clean and wondering what was she thinking about going off all those long miles to college.

To her and anyone else who is a recent high school grad, I have these words of “wisdom”:

Stay at home as long as your parents will let you.  You never had it so good and you are gonna blow it by moving out.

Don’t worry about what your major is going to be.  I changed mine several times, and it didn’t matter.  Very few people know what they want to be at 18, I still don’t don’t and I’m WAY past 18.

Don’t study too much, don’t play too much, don’t obsess.  No one (much) cares what your grade point average is 10 years down the road, just finish and get a degree.

Savor your life while you are young.  Excess is way over-rated.  The only thing you get from getting drunk is a hangover and regrets, and maybe some blank spots in your memory.

No matter how bad your separation anxiety is, your parent’s is worse.  At least until they rent out your room.

Be careful with selfies.  They tend to have a life of their own.

Same with Facebook.  Some of your future employers may actually look at your Facebook page.  They don’t want to see your wild times posted. It makes them wonder about your work ethic if all that is posted are party pictures.

While I said “don’t obsess”, I will say that you should do the work.  I sometimes think I would be more well-rounded if I had put a little more effort into my school work.

Have fun, but not too much.

If you are an introvert, college is time to learn to be sociable.

If you are an extrovert, learn to listen as much you talk.  You don’t always have to be the life of the party.

Relax, take time to enjoy those 4 cloistered years, soon enough that damned alarm clock will become your master.

Oh, and did I say:  call your Mom once in a while!  She lugged you around for 9 months!  The least you can do is let her know you are okay.

All those sage words and 6 bucks will get you a frappe at Starbucks.  Get one for me too since Mom and Dad are paying.

See y’all soon.