Frequently Asked Questions

What advice do I have for new bloggers:

You will get this answer all over the internet: write about what you are passionate about. Don’t write what you think others will be interested in. You are unique and should let your voice be heard. For me, I just write about what is going on with me “today”. I don’t write about politics or religion on this blog, but if that is what interests you, write about that.

What platform do I use?

I use as my hosting platform.

Where do I get my “theme”?

I am basically cheap so I just use one of the free themes for both my blogs. I haven’t done any “tweaks”, but probably should.

How do I handle spam?

I don’t get a lot of spam, but lately I’ve noticed an increase. I try to look at my comments every day or so and usually have about as many real spam comments as I do real messages marked as spam. I do read every comment and was trying to respond to every one, but I’m not sure how many people read the comments. As I write this, I just got 50 spam comments. I do use the Akismet plugin which catches a lot of the spam, but some spam looks just like a regular comment. If I find anything that works better, I’ll post it.

How can I contact you?

If you want to send me an email, use or and I will get your email and respond to it. I do not always respond to questions in the comments, but I will respond to an email. There is also a “contact me” page with a form you may submit.

How do I subscribe to your blog or follow you?

There is a “follow me” button.

Problems with various browsers.

I use Safari or Chrome. I use a MacBook so I can’t check Internet Explorer as there is no current IE for Mac. If you have problems, please try a different browser. I did have a couple of formatting problems on a previous Windows laptop, but upgrading to the newest version of which ever browser I was using corrected my problems.

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