Pens, notebooks, and clutter


I don’t do resolutions for the New Year.  I am trying to treat every year as a new adventure, a series of “today’s”.  I’m trying to live in the moment.  That means no brooding about the mistakes I have made.  I can’t do anything about them because they are already made (not there yet).  That also means no worrying about future things over which I have no control (I struggle with that).  There is just today.

I’m also trying to declutter.  Not just my “stuff” but my life as well.  I went through my closet a couple of weeks ago.  Just how many “Hawaiian” shirts do I need?  I do live in Florida, but I don’t need THAT many.  I was surprised at how much clothing I have.  Some I don’t wear.  Some don’t fit.  Did you know that clothes shrink while hanging in the closet?  I can prove it cause some of mine don’t fit anymore.

And then there’s “journals” and notebooks.   I am not allowed to buy another notebook or journal until the multitude I have are used up.  And pens.  I love a good pen.  Gel ink pens, fountain pens, pens that take Parker refills, heavy pens, you get the picture.  I threw away a dozen (all freebies) that I never use.  The ones that were left multiplied in my pen drawer.  Yes, I have drawer just for pens.  There are a lot.  I think pens expand to fill up whatever drawer they are in.

Every year I decide to go electronic with my notes and records, but it has not happened yet.  There is something gratifying about taking a pen and writing out your “to do” list, or grocery list, or things to take to the River House.  You either know what I mean or think I’m a little nuts.  Well, I am, but that’s beside the point.


I changed the design of my page a little.  I have had the old design since I started and since I’m going to write more, I thought a new design was warranted.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings and if you do, tell your friends about the nutty guy.

Y’all have a good year today.  See ya around.