I’m back

I am back from my hiatus, not planned, just happened.  Nothing bad, just got busy and distracted, you know, life.

This is the time of year that we “self-employed” types begin to look at the next year and set goals.  What that means is that we guess how much stuff we want to get done and try not to set the bar so high that we give up.  That’s not being negative or anything, just trying to be realistic.  I have to balance my wants (I want to sell 100 houses) vs what I can realistically do based on how much work I want to do (somewhat less than 100 houses).  Most people probably think that all Realtors® do is work a couple of hours a week and cash big commission checks.  . . . . Please wait until I get up off the floor where I have fallen down, laughing.

Okay, I’m up off the floor now.

If you want to make money (at anything really) you have to be willing to do a lot of “networking”. What that means is that you call people and send out cards and letters and go to places where you can meet new people and wear your name badge all the time and did I say talk to people?  If that sound like fun to you, I can get you a great position in my brokerage (the one where I work, not own).  But you can see how much work it really is.  The county in which I reside has about 1000 realtors and about 1000 homes for sale (these numbers are subject to change and my not so scientific guesstimates).  You can see how hard it is to get a sale or a listing.  If we sold one house each, we’d all be broke.

This is also the time of year when “Northerners” start thinking about snow.  I love snow.  Okay, I love snow as long as it is not inhabiting the same space as “me”.  Last year it snowed on Halloween in parts of the “North”.  I put those words in “” because North is a relative term.  Where I live is “North” to people in Miami.  They think it gets too cold up here so we are “North”.  I have lived in the “South” most of my life.  It still snows in the “South” where I lived.  How can it be the “real” South when it snows?  If you can’t go swimming in your pool in November, you ain’t in the “South”.

Y’all been noticing how early Christmas decorations are going up this year?  Soon, trees will go on sale the day after Labor Day.  We can call it “Green Tuesday”.  One of my Facebook friends starts counting down next Christmas on the day after.  Only Halloween should be anticipated like that.

On a “bookish” note:  Iceland has a Christmas tradition where everyone gets a new book on Christmas Eve.  Then they sit up reading until they can’t stay up any longer.  What a much better tradition than most of what we American’s have.  Okay, in all honesty, that’s what I do every night. Gleðileg jól. (Merry Christmas in Icelandic), although it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet and the Falcons are still in the playoff picture and the World Series is finally over and Spring Training is only 3 1/2 months away.  Braves pitchers and catchers report in 105 days.

I’m starting to get silly so I quit for now.  See y’all around.