Food, politics and An Ode to bacon, without any rhyming

Some days when I get up and watch the news, I want to go back to bed and pretend I didn’t get up.  I’m sick of the finger pointing and blame casting and name calling.  I think Jefferson and Adams would be appalled at the mess our government has become.  What happened to “by the people”.  We could just as easily call it “by the PACs”.

Enough politics.

I am supposed to be drinking light beer for the lower carbs for my (almost)diabetes.  I’m doing something good for my body, right?  Then I read that the light beers I like may have GMO grains in them.  Do I go back to “healthier” craft beers (at a higher price) or just keep on with my preferred light beer.  I’m not naming names, not because I’m afraid, just because they are all probably guilty.  Except the German beers, why doesn’t the U.S. have the same kind of purity guarantee that the German beers have?

My point is:  Why is everything bad for you?  Coffee is a great antioxidant, but may cause jitters and sleeplessness.  Dessert is so good, but causes my blood sugar to spike.  Bread is high in carbs and causes me to pile on the fat.  The fats that were bad are now good, or are they?  First eggs were the devil, now I’m supposed to eat them every day.  Last year bacon was the pathway to a coronary, now it’s good for you (depending on which article you read.).  Is anyone else just as confused as me?

I used to be a vegetarian.  We changed back to omnivores when we saw the list of ingredients in our “healthier” meat substitutes.  Most meat has one ingredient:  meat.  Ever look at the label on a veggie burger?  What changed me back you may ask?  It was probably bacon. (there are other reasons but let’s just say bacon.)  When my Mom and my Sister-in-law asked me what I wanted for breakfast on my trip to Virginia last week, I just said “bacon”.  Bacon is one of those comfort foods to almost every one, country people like me especially.

The flavor of good bacon is like. . . .love. . . . or at least really, really “like”.  Veggie bacon is like smoke flavored. . . .flat stuff.  I was going to say cardboard, but it is better than cardboard.  Not that I have ever eaten cardboard, but I have allegedly made spit balls at some time in my life.  There are so many kinds of bacon:  applewood, uncured, extra smokey, pepper crusted, regular, extra lean, well you get the picture.  Bacon lovers should start “craft” baconeries.  I just made up that word.  It is protected by my copyright so don’t try to steal it.  I will sell it, for a price.  How about free bacon for life?  Sorry, EDD (Easily Distracted Disorder) again.

Craft Bacon.  Imagine pigs raised on only craft beer  and the bacon smoked with the left over mash.  Beer Bacon.  My idea, don’t any of you bacon idea stealers go off and plot against me.  How about bacon from pigs only fed cacao nibs and then smoked with dried grape “stuff” from cabernet sauvignon wineries?  Wine and chocolate bacon, I may have to take a rest and compose myself.  I’m back, how about bacon fed only eggs and smoked with coffee beans, breakfast in a strip of fried to perfection crunchy, chewy goodness.

I have to really go now and check to see if there is bacon in the fridge. See y’all soon.